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Global TV News features Think Productive President, Barbara Green - Distractions at Work 11th February 2020

According to a new study, almost two-thirds of Canadians are distracted at work on a regular basis. That distraction is estimated to amount to around two hours of lost productivity a day. Global TV News reports on the problem and considers a range of potential solutions to the problem. Watch as our President suggests some low cost practical options.

Trouble Concentrating at Work?

Graham Allcott talks nutrition on "The Morning Show" Global TV 10th June

Graham Allcott, author of the best-selling "How to be a Productivity Ninja" took time out in early June from following the Toronto Blue Jays to talk to Jeff McArthur and Carolyn Mackenzie of Global TVs "The Morning Show" about his new Productivity Ninja book "Work Fuel". Watch as he describes why you should be "a Fuelie, not a Foodie", and explains why you shouldn't eat any food "which has its own jingle"!

Watch "The Morning Show" with Graham Allcott

Barbara Green talks to "The Ontario Broker Magazine"

Barbara, President of Think Productive North America, talks to Jeff Toth in this month's edition of TOB Magazine about Inbox Zero and productivity tools and techniques. Read about the idea that "your inbox is not your to-do list and how the magazine "road-tested" her advice!

Read the "Workflow Management" article

Graham Allcott on "Family Matters" - Global TV - 9th April 2019

Best-selling author of "How to Be a Productivity Ninja", "How to Be a Study Ninja" and "Work Fuel", and founder of Think Productive, visited Toronto last week and made an appearance on Global TV's Family Matters on 9th April. It's probably not widely known that Graham, a Brit, is a huge fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and visits Canada and the US each year to follow a selection of his favourite fixtures. Here he is (centre) last year down in Toronto Harbour with a bunch of Ninjas before a game. The betting is that he wont be able to resist a mention of the Jays at some point in the show!

Hear Graham on "Family Matters" 9th April

The Annual Productivity Challenge !! Ninja Nick vs Sticky Note Steve

Sticky Note Steve's Unique Method vs Ninja Nick + Evernote®

Are you a "Sticky Note Steve"? All your plans and ideas stuck in your head or to your Monitor? Watch now as Ninja Nick uses Evernote as his second brain to show Sticky Note Steve a better way. Use a tool like Evernote to record, remind you about, and retrieve data, free your mind for productive thought, and turn yourself into a Productivity Ninja!

Watch Now!!

"How to be a Productivity Ninja®" Book Relaunch USA May 2019

The completely revised and updated best-selling "How to be Productivity Ninja" book from ICON publishing was published in May 2019 in Canada.

"How to be a Productivity Ninja®" is a relevant, timely and essential read for every twenty-first century worker bogged down by information overload. Become more productive than you imagined possible in your work life – and your personal life too.

Get the New Edition Here

New from Graham Allcott - "Work Fuel" - Book Launch Now May 24th 2019

What if what you were eating actually gave you more time; boosting your productivity, increasing your focus, and ensuring that you didn’t fall victim to that daily 3pm energy slump?

Productivity and nutrition experts Graham Allcott and Colette Heneghan present a new way to think about what you eat: the Productivity Ninja way. Work Fuel shows you how eating well can and should fit into your lifestyle, however busy it is. From surviving conferences and work trips to how to best put together your food shopping list, Work Fuel provides you with an investment plan, promising to improve your performance, focus and energy by changing the way that you eat.

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