6 Signs You Might Be A Workaholic

13/11/2019 |

6 Signs You Might Be A Workaholic

sourceMany people argue that working more hours equates to greater productivity. It seems like a simple equation right? Work more = get more done. But the reality doesn’t play out quite like that. Working long hours for extended periods, or staying constantly connected to work (via cell phones, computers or even “in your head”) leads to exhaustion, unhealthy habits and decreased productivity. Oh, and did we mention increased stress?

Japan sees approximately 200 deaths per year as a result of overwork. They have even coined a word that means death from work: Karoshi.

Do a quick self-assessment to see if you might be heading towards ‘Karoshi’.

If you related to most of these, please delve a little deeper with our resources below.

1- Difficulty delegating to others

2- Work thoughts consume you when you’re supposed to be having fun

3- Choosing work over personal commitments to family or friends

4- First one in, last one out at work

5- Your self-worth is very connected to your work

6- You feel fatigued or unwell, but continue to “work through it”

Instead of taking pride in excessive work, The Productivity Ninja integrates a variety of tactics in pursuit of work life balance, creating great systems, taking short, frequent Pomodoro breaks, letting go of perfectionism, practicing stealth & camouflage and being ruthless in limiting time-wasting activities or people.

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