Productivity – From Task Master to Puzzles

8/12/2016 |

Kirsten WreggittHead shotProductive people need to take some breaks now and then. Puzzles create a great escape and solving them gives you a nice energy boost too! Today we have an exciting guest post by Kirsten Wriggett of Puzzles for Good – sharing some of the benefits of designated downtime in boosting your overall productivity.

I am your classic Type A personality. And so, I have always had a fascination with productivity – how could I squeeze more out my day and cross more things off my list?! It was with great pleasure that I learned about Think Productive and explored all their strategies and ideas. I have adopted many of them but Inbox Zero has been the biggest success and has brought me so much sanity in this digital information world.

think-productive-puzzle-packAs a consultant, I have shared productivity techniques with my clients and witnessed their success or failure in changing their productivity. What I’ve learned from watching them is it is all trial and error. The tool/technique/app that works for you is not the same for everyone. So if you haven’t found your magic productivity bullet yet, keep trying.

But there is a downside to all this focus on productivity. My task master personality sometimes gets the best of me and I hold myself to an output standard that just isn’t achievable. My to-do lists will never be finished. There’s always something more to be done. I’ve also learned that there needs to be white space in my calendar. I can’t book up every second or my productivity actually goes down. We need these empty spaces for thinking, for creation, and for health and recharging. Luckily, I am learning to build in more white space and to embrace the never-ending to-do list.

To bring more white space and downtime to my own life I created Puzzles for Good. Adding another business to your life doesn’t seem like it would create downtime and white space. But it forces me to spend time doing things I love – creating puzzles and doing social good in the world. I would encourage you to try sitting still with a puzzle too. You’ll be creating some white space in your calendar but you’ll get the hit of dopamine from solving the puzzle as if you crossed something else off your list.


You can also read more about Kirsten’s productivity journey on the Think Productive blog.

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