Ridiculously Efficient Routines: Inside Our 90-Day ‘Destroy to Create’ Strategy

19/4/2016 |

My ‘Destroy to Create’ strategy was designed to help you continuously level up your life, one 90-day chunk at a time. It can help you solve optimization problems in any area of your life, or you can use it to enable a ‘better your best; challenge (pick something you’re great at, then take away all your default tools and start from scratch with new ones.

Schedule a chunk of time to go through the following steps to set yourself up for a successful 90-day journey.


The first step is to pick an area of your life that you want to reinvent. This can be anything from revamping your routine – to getting rid of a bad habit, improving a skill, or creating a system that will inevitably make your work and life a bit more seamless.

How do you want to reinvent your chosen area? What does success look like? Maybe you want to replace a bad habit with a better one, or learn how to do something new, or create a more relaxing nightly routine. After you identify an area to optimize, decide on how you will measure your progress.


The vast majority of our coaching clients miss this crucial step the first time they try this strategy. Think about the barriers and obstacles you might face during your 90-day journey and proactively brainstorm a defence against them. The objective is to protect your momentum.

If one or more of your barriers involves people, you might want to minimize your exposure to them. Try scheduling your day a little differently, or consider verbiage to use to knock down naysayers. If it’s processes are getting in your way, think creatively for new ways to get the results you want, and enlist a sounding board or thought partner to help you strategize. If time is your biggest barrier, find new ways to shuffle around your schedule to create new possibilities.


Finally, make a true and real commitment to your 90-day process. Commit to bettering yourself and/or your life in some way, and make sure to give it your best effort. Keep yourself accountable and prove why others should, too.

The 90-Day Destroy to Create strategy is all about pushing past self-limiting beliefs and proving to yourself, through accomplishment, that you can do anything you set your mind to. Remember, this is about progress, not perfection.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 90 days?

By Marissa Brassfield

Marissa Brassfield is the founder and CEO of Ridiculously Efficient Inc. She helps high-performing millennials supercharge their productivity with personalized routines and strategies to enable their best, fastest results.

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