10 Top Toronto Coworking Spots

23/2/2016 |

The entire scope of work has changed thanks to online technology. Workers are no longer required to spend 40 hours a week in a traditional office setting.  Many companies are instead offering more flexible arrangements with remote work scenarios, even supporting workers to live in other cities far from head office.

That’s where coworking comes in. Shared work spaces have popped up in cities all over the world where freelancers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can start and grow their businesses — a great option that doesn’t involve working from your couch.

Premium workspaces that provide high quality space, light, services and support will enable individuals and teams to excel in happy offices.

Coworking spaces also offer alternative work environments for telecommuters who may sometimes feel disconnected from a physical workplace. Coworking provides the space, amenities, and opportunities to network and collaborate with people of all industries.

Toronto happens to be one of Canada’s hubs boasting a slew of cool coworking options. Check out a few of the best coworking spots in Toronto below.

Acme Works


This repurposed industrial space has been around since the early 1900’s, but has a fresh and modern interior, thanks to renovations in 2013. The 8,600 sq ft. space offers a variety of plans, starting at $25 for day passes, or $190 per month. The office includes private offices and suites, meeting rooms, and an open, shared office space. They also offer a shared kitchen and lounge space, as well as a fax machine, scanner and booths for private phone calls.

Project: RHINO


Located on King West, this coworking space is comprised of four separate rooms. Two rooms include dedicated desk areas and a conference room. The rest of the space include a lounge area that has a foosball table, beer on tap, an artist studio and a kitchen. Day passes are $20 – $30 per day, while Memberships start at $45/month (limited) to $395 (full) with plans that include 24/7 access and lockable storage.


brightlane 2

BrightLane is a much larger space, with 30,000 square feet over three floors on King West. Filled with lots of natural light, this space comes with a variety of options, from private offices to dedicated desks and even team rooms. Membership plans include access to 11 meeting rooms and a wellness room, business workshops and private phone rooms. Pricing starts at $30/day.

The Foundery


The Foundery is a coworking space in downtown Toronto with an artistic flair. This space is built on the idea of creating an inspiring and empowering workplace for its members, and does so in part by giving members access to their public art gallery. Other perks include two private conference rooms, two full kitchens, a cafe, and a rooftop patio. There are six membership options, starting at $25/day.

The Centre for Social Innovation Annex


The Centre for Social Innovation’s coworking space in the Annex is 36,000 square feet and five floors of shared and private workspaces. The first floor is a social hub with a community gathering area and a coffee pub. The next two floors include a mix of private offices and desks, as well as shared desk spaces in an open office environment. The fourth and fifth floors have larger private offices as well as incubation spaces. They offer a variety of membership options, starting at $30/month for a community membership.

Women on the Move


Women on the move is an organization that helps women achieve their goals and close the economic gap by offering tools and education. They have their own coworking space to encourage networking and community-building. The space offers private and shared desks, access to conference rooms a private online group and free refreshments. Pricing starts at $150/month for 80 hours.

Workplace One King East


Located in Toronto’s beautiful Distillery District, Workplace One’s King East coworking space has the combination of great architecture and modern interior design to make for an inspiring workspace. Their flexible plans means you can sign-up for long- or short-term, and choose from a dedicated desk to a larger private office or shared team space. Memberships start at $25/day or $225/month for a flex membership.

iQ Office Suites


IQ Office Suites has two central locations in downtown Toronto. They offer everything from private offices to dedicated desks, shared work spaces and virtual offices, as well as meeting and event spaces. Each location has a dedicated Commander-in-Chief to assist members and provide potential members with guided tours. The coworking membership has daily rates starting at $29.

The Fueling Station

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.23.00 PM

Located in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood, this coworking space is designed for people who want something different from their work environment that doesn’t include a cubicle or their living room couch. Memberships include access to boardrooms and kitchens, lunch and learns, and networking socials. Pricing starts at $105/month for the virtual office package.

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  1. Graham Rowlands

    Another really cool space that just opened up is Verkspace. They are located near St. Lawrence Market and even offer FREE BEER!

  2. Lisa

    Does anyone know of a good shared working space or sublet in midtown? If so please email me at [email protected]

  3. Michael

    This one also missed Workhaus. They have 2 awesome downtown Toronto locations (St. Lawrence Market and Financial District). Definitely worth checking out – http://workhaus.bz/

  4. Leslie Ismoore

    I am surprised that Telsec Business Centres at 1 Yonge Street (www.telsec.net) is not on this list. I have been using their shared office space/coworking area for many years, long before it was trendy to refer to this type of office situation as “Coworking.” I highly recommend Telsec as a great place to work when you do not need a full-time office. Unlike other coworking spaces that I have looked at over the years, they are one of very few that includes a mailing address at a prime business office location. I just wish I could find as good of a part-time coworking office location in Vancouver (where I spend most of my time).

  5. Reagan

    There’s a new co working space on the block called Flexday. Check them out http://www.flexday.com


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