Outlook Tip – Set up Quick Parts

24/5/2015 |

Quick Parts allows you to create, store and easily access reusable pieces of content. Blocks of text, links or images you need somewhat regularly can simply be saved with the click of your mouse. Think about things like: answers to frequently asked questions, directions or maps, policies or procedures, holiday messages… anything you would otherwise need to keep re-typing.

How to create Quick Parts:

  1.  Start by opening a new email
  2.  In the text area of the message, add the text or images you want to capture for Quick Part
  3.  Highlight the text passage or image
  4.  Go to the Insert tab in the menu bar
  5.  Click Quick Parts from the options
  6.  Choose Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery
  7.  A menu box will pop up to allow you to name text block for easy access later
  8.  Choose a name that makes sense to you. Also, try to choose distinct names for each block.

How to insert text using Quick Parts:

  1.  Open a new email message
  2.  Make sure your cursor is in the body of the message area (this will activate Quick Parts). If Quick Parts is ‘greyed out’ then your cursor is not in the right place
  3.  From the Insert Tab, click on Quick Parts and then click on the desired block of text to insert into your message
  4.  OR type the first few letters of the Quick Parts block name and hit F3
  5.  Your Quick Parts block will be inserted into your message

How to organize and delete Quick Parts:

  1. From your Quick Parts menu, Right Click on the block that you would like to delete or rename
  2. Select Organize and Delete
  3. A pop-up menu will display options for deleting or renaming your Quick Parts
  4. Edit accordingly.

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