Ninja Character : Human, Not Superhero

13/4/2015 |

Not_not_superheroesSometimes as a Productivity Ninja it will seem to others like you have special powers. However, a Ninja is very different from a superhero. A Ninja is just a regular person, but with tools and skills and a very special mindset. There are no super powers and no kryptonite. Ninjas get things done in a way that seems, well magical. As a Ninja, what were once routine tasks become opportunities for fun, discovery, experimentation and the unleashing of your inner geek.

Thinking about the process of your work as well as the work itself will help you to love what you do, whatever that may be. You will gain excitement and a sense of magic from being better at doing what you were doing before; you’ll be less stressed about it; and you’ll experience a momentum in your work that you never thought possible.

Ninjas work in a unique heightened flow of relaxed productivity, brought about by hyper-awareness, calm and focus. It’s a magical experience that you won’t want to go back from. But it’s not all plain sailing either.

Ninjas also occasionally screw up

By seeking ultra-productivity, using unorthodox means and for a host of other more ‘human’ reasons, Ninjas are prone to screwing up once in a while. In old time management books, the time management ‘gurus’ would paint themselves as a picture of superhero perfection. They’d give you detailed planners to fill in, have you performing high fives in celebration of continuous massive achievement and leave you as the reader wondering how on earth they managed the impossible.

We’re all prone to screwing up – no matter how organized, how intelligent, or how seemingly perfect we are. Yes, you too. We can aim for perfection and fail, or we can aim for Zen-like Calm, Ruthlessness, Weapon-Savvyness, Stealth and Camouflage, Unorthodoxy, Agility, Mindfulness and Preparedness, and succeed.

Yes, we’ll make mistakes. No, we won’t be perfect. But what we will do is increase productivity in ways you never thought possible before. It simply isn’t possible for me to make you a superhero and if you want that, there are plenty of other books out there that will promise it but won’t deliver. It’s an unrealistic dream, a fantasy never fulfilled. But it is possible that we can make you a Ninja.

This excerpt is from the best-selling book by Graham Allcott,

“How to be a Productivity Ninja”.

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