The Real Cost of Productivity (Infographic)

9/10/2014 |
We all know that high productivity levels can be the difference between business success and failure – it almost goes without saying. But how much do distractions, diversions and misspent time actually cost a typical business? 
A newly released infographic, created by eSignature brand SignNow, defines a range of ‘time wasters’ and ‘time savers’ which can make or break productivity levels. Some of the numbers might really surprise you.
A few highlights include:
  • How much time and money are wasted by distractions like unnecessary meetings, disorganization and interruptions?
  • What’s the financial value of time wasted by employees on personal web browsing and e-mail use?
  • How can companies save time and money by investing in technology – and how much of it?
Check out the infographic for the full range of statistics.

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