How I moved from burnout to breakthrough

28/3/2014 |

BB_collageHave you ever felt burned out by your business?

I can honestly say I have. There have been times when my business felt really “hard.” I was stretched, over-committed and overwhelmed.

As a high achieving business owner, I know I’m not alone feeling this way. I also know it’s not something many of us feel comfortable talking about.

Until now.

Cover_design_296px_wide-2-231x300In Beyond Burnout magazine, I join 13 other women entrepreneurs as we share our personal journeys from burnout to breakthrough.

We’ll share our struggles and triumphs.

But most importantly, you’ll see how each of us found our own unique path to rise above the barriers that stood in our way. And, how we went on to profoundly change the way our businesses run.

You’ll learn:

  • What burnout feels + looks like (it’s different for everyone).
  • Steps you can take to break through the burnout barrier.
  • What is possible for your business once you decide to take action.

If you’re tired of the daily struggle of running your business, Beyond Burnout will give you perspective, inspiration and motivation (plus some practical advice to get you back on track).

You can’t put a price tag on burnout, so I’m happy to tell you this digital magazine is FREE.

You can pick up your copy by clicking this link:

Thank you so much for sharing my journey.

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