Extreme Productivity Experiments – Observations from a Human Lab Rat

6/5/2013 |


My boss Graham, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja, continues his year of extreme productivity experiments.  The month of May brings ‘Maynia!’  where he will systematically undo his tried and true systems of personal productivity and see what chaos ensues.

I am curious about how Graham is doing over in the UK with his wild experiments, but I am, perhaps selfishly, also somewhat concerned about the residual impact on me and the start-up of Think Productive Canada.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime here is what May has in store for Graham:

  • Piling up my emails and not keeping at zero
  • Not writing everything down
  • Working longer hours, including inevitably working every weekend.
  • Not keeping a Master Actions List at all
  • Not undertaking weekly or daily reviews of projects and actions
  • Saying “yes” to lots of stuff
  • Having mobile email alerts on my iPhone bugging the heck out me
  • Taking on too much work, getting out of control, filling up my head with high dramas and last minute panics.
  • In fact, going against every common sense and engrained “good productivity” instinct, principle and rule.

Check out Graham’s outline of Maynia for his hypothesis of how the month will unfold.

Consider using Graham’s experiment as a guide to your own productivity.  Perhaps it will spark some thoughts on what you are doing well or not so well.  Ask yourself what you could eliminate from your own personal productivity practices and replace with more efficient habits.

Let’s enjoy letting Graham make the ‘mistakes’ while we reap the reward of learning and adapting our own systems for productivity and time management.

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