Welcome to the best Productivity Workshops! We don’t just want your team to learn how to be more productive. We want them to actually do it. A lot of time management training leaves participants with good intentions, but no actual plan to put those into action. Our productivity training is split between training room exercises and our unique “at-desk coaching”, where we help your team to start changing how they work straight away.

We help get inboxes to zero, make meetings more effective, and implement new productivity systems on the day. That’s why we claim to have the best productivity workshops!

ALL of our ever popular, flagship in-house workshops are available in the format of your choice, in-house or as live virtual online training courses.

Attention Management

The phrase “too much to do, too little time” is all too familiar. Our range of personal productivity training, turns traditional time management training on its head and focuses on habits, choices, actions, attention and energy to make your work flow! During our attention management training, we’ll share with you the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja®, and help you identify specific ways you can implement them.

Email Management

Ever get the feeling too many emails may be killing your productivity? On average, people spend 3 hours in their inbox each day. It’s a vital element of how we work – yet few of us have had best practice training on how to use it well as a tool for effective communication and collaboration, rather than something that disrupts and distracts us from our work. Our email training will revolutionize your whole team’s email management to free up time where it’s needed.

Meetings Management

Meetings take up 30% of the average employee’s working day. We’re on a mission to change the way the world thinks about meetings. We want to break the cycle of your calendar being booked back to back. We want to create a culture where no one has to sit in a boring or unproductive meeting again, no matter whether that’s online or in-person. Explore how your team can decrease the amount of time spent in meetings:

Remote Working

Leading remote teams is never easy. “Working from home” has often been viewed with suspicion by Team Leaders. So how do you have water-cooler moments when there’s no water-cooler?  Whether you are leading a remote team or struggling to adapt with a new way of working, our courses are the best productivity workshops for teams that are geographically dispersed or working from home.

Growth and Leadership

As a business leader you’re expected to be resilient, carry on undaunted, leading the way, knowing the answers, helping people to cope. Whether you’re looking for individual consulting for your leaders or interactive training sessions for your team of managers – we’ve got you covered.

Open Courses and Masterclasses

Don’t need a full course for 20 people? Just you, or a small group of your employees? Join one of our fixed-date Open Courses in our most popular subjects – “Getting Your Inbox to Zero“, “Way of the Productivity Ninja“, or “Six Weeks to Ninja“.

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