Meet our fantastic team of Ninjas, ready to help you reach your productivity potential!

Dawn O'Connor

Director, Think Productive Canada

What I do

As Director of Think Productive Canada, I’m incredibly passionate when it comes to productivity, time management and helping clients experience their own “ah ha” moments. Always looking at things from the client’s perspective, I tailor learning experiences to individual needs, quickly identifying the pain points and finding the best solutions. Whether it’s a workshops or at-desk coaching, I deliver every session in a fun, fresh and engaging way.

Why I do it

I love to see the expression on someone’s face when they have an epiphany about their work habits. It’s rewarding for them, and me too.

My background

Throughout my twenty-three year career, from larger corporate environments to running my own small business, I’ve developed a foundation for success for Think Productive Canada and all our clients. I have coached thousands of people, facilitated monthly meetings for the Women Presidents Organization and helped many people get organized, save time, reduce stress and increase productivity. I guess I’ve always been a ninja, even when I didn’t have the title.

“A month after the course, I am still using the tips/tricks that I learnt. It has changed my daily flow!

Monica James | Senior Manager, BDC

3Fun Facts About Me
  • I went skydiving in an attempt to over-come my fear of heights
  • I have a French bulldog named Charlie
  • I'm learning to meditate

Jessica Thorburn

Client Logistics Manager

What I do

As the Client Logistics Manager, I am the behind-the-scenes fuel that keeps the Ninja team moving. From website updates and social media, to event promotion, scheduling and client communication, I manage all the bits that keep things running smoothly, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Why I do it

I thrive when I can create order, organization and process.  Working for a company like Think Productive that genuinely supports and shares these values is incredibly rewarding.

My background

I’ve spent the last 12 years soaking up everything I could in a variety of organizations, each helping me grow my wide-ranging skill set. In my roles as a professional organizer, bookkeeper and office manager, I’ve gratefully been part of helping companies streamline and perfect their management, finance, and administrative functions. In my personal life, I’m a mom, baker, crafter, outdoor enthusiast, photographer and blogger

From my first interaction, I was impressed with high level of organization and professionalism.

Paula Blundell | Room to Breathe

3Fun Facts About Me
  • Watermelon is my favourite food
  • I trained in ballet for 13 years
  • I hope to one day have a small urban farm complete with backyard chickens, bees, and a food forest.

Jill Reid

Productivity Ninja, Calgary & Southern Alberta

What I do

As a productivity Ninja, I deliver workshops and training to clients who want to get more out of their workday so they can make the most of life beyond the office. I offer new perspectives on how people and companies organize themselves so that time and talent is never wasted. For me, it’s about more than strategies –it’s about giving people clarity and a sense of calm in their day.

Why I do it

Nothing gets me more excited than being in a room with people who are all striving for self-improvement, personal growth and the desire to meet and exceed their potential. I love facilitating the whole process. I love seeing the inspiration on a client’s face when they find a simple solution to a large source of stress or a nagging “to do”. And I love challenging the notion that “it’s always been done that way.”

My Background

As a certified teacher and a small business owner, I have experience facilitating everyone from kids in a classroom to adults in athletics. I’ve worked closely with other businesses, training their staff on sales processes, customer service and product knowledge. No matter who I’m teaching, I look forward to fueling the energy in a classroom and helping people in their pursuit of knowledge.

I left with a number of tangible strategies to add to my calendar.

Christy Switzer | I Know a Guy

3Fun Facts About Me
  • I love to be outside in the mountains, especially if it's skiing or mountain biking
  • I come from a big noisy family with 5 siblings
  • I eat more peanut butter than any human probably should

Quinn Ryall

Marketing Assistant

What I do:

My role at Think Productive includes editing and designing newsletters, finding and fixing website bugs, formatting and posting blog articles, and analyzing survey responses.

Why I Do It:

Being the youngest employee, I offer a unique point of view and am quick to adapt to new technologies. Working for Think Productive is the first job I’ve ever had. It gives me more flexibility than a retail job, as well teaching me a practical set of skills that will come in handy in my academic future.  And, true confession, my boss is my mom.

My Background:

I recently finished my first year of school at the University of Alberta, majoring in biology with a minor in women’s and gender studies. I played rugby in high school. I’m also passionate about tea and photography.

the ninja
3Fun Facts About Me
  • I have 2 dogs
  • I have over 48 kinds of tea
  • I love camping