• Format

    3 Hour Workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% group training and discussion, 50% individual at-desk implementation

  • No. of Participants

    Up to 25

  • Results

    99% of participants get their inboxes to zero on the day (or within 24 hours) after our workshop.

  • Key Benefits
    • Get your inbox to zero on the day and know how to keep it there
    • Email overload under control - so you're able to focus and produce your best work

If your inbox is overloaded and email is taking over your working life, spend half a day with us and we’ll help you get it all under control. You’ll see email in a different way and learn to love it again.

Practical individual at-desk implementation, supported by your Productivity Ninja® will help you clear your inbox by the time we leave. We’ll offer you tools to help convert emails into actions as well as tips, tricks and Ninja-style email moves for your organization’s software.