To Do List Evaluation

16/4/2013 |

To Do List Evaluation

From Paper To Do List to TeuxDeux

To Do List

While Think Productive founder Graham Allcott is busy doing his extreme productivity experiments (see I am conducting simpler ‘mere mortal’ challenges.  My goal this month is to replace my daily paper to do list with an on-line version.  After playing around with Toodledo, Producteev and TeuxDeux I landed on the latter (show above).


  • It is super easy to learn.
  • Affordable at $2 or $3 per month.
  • You can make it your default homepage for quick access.
  • Daily lists are easy to create and it allows for recurring tasks.

An added bonus, and the clincher for me are the customizable lists that sit along the bottom of the page. This space is flexible to tailor to your needs, for example;  Agenda items for key people, Errands, Projects, Big Ideas, Someday Maybe, Good Ideas Park, etc…. Lovely, simple and flexible.


One restriction to consider is the lack of email integration.  Unlike the more sophisticated Toodledo and Producteev apps, it is not possible to send email into TeuxDeux to lodge as a task.   But I use Outlook Tasks for those so that is not a major concern for me.  And, the ever friendly support staff at TeuxDeux tell me it is a matter of time until email can be integrated into the program.


TeuxDeux is a wonderful tool to capture daily tasks.  I abandoned paper 3 weeks ago and haven’t looked back.

The biggest advantages for me are having fewer paper scraps around (= neater office, no lost tidbits of important information), easy transfer of tasks from one day to the next (yes, that sometimes happens even to a productivity ninja) and the simplicity of the clean design and multiple lists all visible on one page.  This helps me keep things organized by context.  I love seeing my overarching Project List in reference to my daily tasks. It is a great little tool to help keep focused on high priority items on not let little things slip through the cracks.

What are your favourite To Do List apps? You can let us know by contacting us here or connect with Barbara Green, our President, on LinkedIn.

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